The Classic Kolor Collection

Fine&Candy presents its new collection "The Classic Kolor Collection" composed of a range of notebooks of high quality and unique details. These fashion accessories are handmade by craftsmen in Portugal. This collection, composed of 9 different models, is made out of premium materials with a comtemporary and exclusive design. These handy and elegant notebooks are a must-have. We make your desk look fine!


    Image Olivia
    • €48,50
    Image Leo
    • €39,50
    Image Lynx
    • €70,00
    Image Run Wild
    • €70,00
    Image Intersection
    • €79,50
    Image Macaroon
    • €24,90
    Image Jet Black
    • €29,90
    Image Charcoal
    • €24,90
    Image Shop
    • €24,90